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let man's petty nations tear themselves apart.

my land's only borders lie around my heart.

paper letter graphics
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Welcome to Paperletters, the graphics community of neverjustbeing. I am the primary poster, but the lovely jgkimmy will also be posting from time to time.You can find all of my banners, headers, icons, *layouts, *mood themes, *tutorials, and *wallpapers here. (*- I haven't posted any of these yet, but they may come eventually.)

Rules. (Please follow them. Thank you.)

Credit. Please credit the approproiate poster, or the community.
Comment. It's not essential, but definitely appreciated!
Editing. Unless permission is given otherwise, please, don't do it.
Hotlinking. Please don't do it. It hasn't happened yet, and I'd like to keep it that way.
Usage. As long as you comment, telling us where you plan on using our artwork, I don't care where you use it. Just try to link back to here, somehow.

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