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List of LiveJournal Moods.

Under the cut is a list of the moods LiveJournal has, in alphabetical order. This is primarily for those who are attempting to create their own moodtheme, and need a quick-click link to the list without having to write/type them out individually. Feel free to snag the list- it's what it's here for. :)

*pissed off


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This is totally, 100% awesome. Thanks!
No problem! :)

P.S. I love your icon.
Oh, you're absolutely amazing. I'm trying my hand at making a moodtheme for the first time, and I found this through Google. Thanks!!
I am so horrible at responding to comments on this particular entry, with the list of moods! It's been *cringes* 7 months since you left your comment! You're more then welcome for the list! I'm glad it was so helpful!
THANK YOU! I was looking for this!
A long time later, after I've gone back to view the comments.........
You're welcome! I'm glad I was able to help provide the mood list! :-D
thank you so much ^-^*
Now that it's taken me 6 months to respond to you, (and I'm truly sorry for that!) you're welcome! I hope the mood list was very helpful! <3
Thanks soo much!! This makes my life much easier!! You rock!!
Woohoo! Thank YOU! I'm glad the list was helpful! :D
Thank you!
Sorry this "you're welcome!" is so late...my notifications weren't working properly! :( But I hope the mood list was helpful!
The most useful list on livejournal.
...With the most useLESS owner! Haha! Sorry it's taken me FOREVER to comment back, but I'm glad you found the mood themes list so helpful!
Just what I was looking for, thank you!
Thank you. You're third on the Google search. :)
Two months later, and now I'm responding! I'm horrible, really. But, you're welcome for the moods! :)
Woohoo! Third on Google! That makes me so excited!
You're a dear; the last thing I wanted to have to do was type them all out ♥
I'm sorry it's taken me over two months to respond to you. Those silly notifications weren't coming to me! Grr.
But I'm glad the mood list helped you! I just figured it would help out a little bit! :)
Awesome, thanks! I wanted a text-based list to keep in my inbox for when I'm posting by e-mail and need to pick a mood. :)
You're welcome! I'm glad the list was helpful! <3
I thank you for that useful list! :>
You're more then welcome! :)
Thanks so much! This saved me a lot of time. :)
Sorry it's been a few days since you posted! You're welcome! Glad the list helped you!
ILU for this. I lost my last list and almost cried until you rode from the dark forest upon your white horse.
Oh my god, I love you for your comments! My white horse and I thank you for it. ;-) I'm very grateful the list was of much use for you darling! ♥
I <3 you. Thanks for this!
<3 Not a problem! Good luck with your mood theme!
this is so much more helpful than the lj-produced lists. you just saved me a lot of re-typing and alphabetising. srsly. you rock. this likely cut two days off of my mood theme creaton time.
well, thank you! i'm glad it was so helpful!
i've worked on a couple mood themes myself, and i remember how much of a pain it was to not have the mood list right in front of me. it took me forever to get my first one done. :)
good luck with creating yours! it's so much fun making them. time consuming, but fun! what kind of theme are you making?
You're welcome!
Thank you very much ^^
This is a very useful guide! Thank you for doing it! It's helping me tons with my mood theme! :)
OMG, thankyou. This is so useful. < 3
Ahhhh, thanks so much for putting this resource together!
Hey I found you on Google search, thanks so much for this list, its saved me a lot of time ;D
It's also bizarre I found you on the same day as someone else O.o!
stay beautiful x
Thanks for this - saved me a lot of time.

Thanks so much for posting the list. Found you through Google--this list has saved me a bunch of time. :D
FAH!! Thanks so much for this. Now onto making a killer Dexter mood theme....^_^
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