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FYI- Resources Update, and New Profile Layout!

So yeah, I went and updated my resources page; again. Nothing very exciting there, except I've downloaded countless textures. More textures = more fun.

However... I completely changed the community's PROFILE!!! I'm so excited about this!

I'm hoping to have an actual post for all of you within the next couple of days. I've created a few headers, which you can use in your journals, profiles, etc., and I created over 30 icon bases alone last night. I've had a lot of inspiration, all of a sudden. With the new photos of Josh Groban, and a new-found obsession with Twilight, I have a feeling this batch is going to be very healthy.

I've recently acquired WinZip, which means I will also be able to reasonably share my MOODTHEMES! I made a Josh Groban one for myself, not too long ago. I've never shared it, and with all of the recently new photos of him, I'm going to adjust some of the moods. I'm also almost finished with a JAG moodtheme, as well. I don't think there's one in existence, that I know of, unless someone has done what I have about the Josh one...made one, but hasn't shared it.

I don't think I'll be able to post the moodthemes with the next post, but hopefully the one after it.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and a great New Year's! Talk to you soon!


January 2010

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